Artist Statement

With paint I attempt to capture my inner spirit. I use paint and the pictorial form to illustrate my feelings about a particular subject at a particular time and place. This subject could be a human emotion, the way in which I feel about someone, my thoughts about a favorite place to be or any number of things. I use color, form and the brush stroke and arrange it onto a two dimensional space to create a picture that resembles my feelings about my subject. My paintings are an exploration of the human soul and how it relates to the world.

Audio Artist Statement

Artist Bio

Justin McGonigle is a self taught artist who has been painting for over twenty years. He started his long career as an artist learning to draw by watching the television program Captain Bob. He continued on drawing until he discovered the art of painting on canvas in his early twenties. His first painting was executed in Seattle, WA on a stretched canvas someone had thrown away. Over the years he has produced a large amount of work ranging from abstract expressionist paintings to still lifes to landscapes to self portraits.

He has exhibited in many places including New Bedford, MA, Fitchburg, MA, Plymouth, MA, Nashua, NH, Gardner, MA and Atlanta, GA. Justin's work is part of many private collections found in the United States. He currently lives and works in Ashburnham, MA.